How to make an event bus plugin in Nuxt
·15 min read

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Step 1: Create the file for the plugin

In the plugins directory of your Nuxt project create a file called bus.js, you can call this file whatever you want but it seems most logical just to call it bus.js.

Step 2: Add your plugin to nuxt.config.js

plugins: [    '@/plugins/bus',],

Step 3: Time to code

import Vue from 'vue'        const eventBus = {}        eventBus.install = function (Vue) {    Vue.prototype.$bus = new Vue()}        Vue.use(eventBus)

Step 4: Now use it!

The first thing you need to do is set up an event bus listener wherever you need it by doing the following:

this.$bus.$on('test-event', ( payload ) => {})

Now in another component you can emit an event like so:

this.$bus.$emit( 'test-event', payload )

It's that easy! You can now use this in your pages, components, layout, etc. is temporarily down for maintenence. Please check back later.